Betting Bangarraju Telugu Full Comedy Movie

Movie: Betting Bangarraju

Actor: Allari Naresh

Actress: Nidhi

Betting Bangarraju is a film from Ramoji Film City, starring Allari Naresh,Nidhi,Kota Srinivas rao. Movies revolves around Naresh and his plans to make his love successful. Bangaru raju bets on almost everything, the movies shows how he wins his love by elminating possible suitors. It is a social comedy based on the nuances of a chronic better, the hero. bangarraju(allari naresh)is a carefree youth who is referred to as an idiot in his village whereas his father is a respectable person. one day, his friend visits him telling that he loved and married a city girl whereas this was not the actual story.raju, inspired by this, goes to the city, loves a girl. but the girl already has 3 other suitors . she invites all of them to her house and family for they are going to choose her suitor .the rest of the story is about how raju eliminates the other suitors by betting with them cleverly and win the girl. It was one of the top 10 movies in Tollywood in 2010 year. It has collected 10 crores gross.This got many critical appreciation for allari naresh for his performance

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