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If you are not a movie actor, sports star or a rock star, then the only way you can become a millionaire is by starting your own business.

But what’s stopping you from becoming an entrepreneur. Most common answer are –


  • I don’t have Time
  • I don’t have Money
  • I don’t know where to start
  • Its too Risky
  • If only I had …..

I agree that most of these reasons are valid. If you are around 25 years old and not married, then you can take all the risk and work for your startup full-time.

If you are like most of us – married and having kids, 30+ years old, then you can’t quit your full-time job. That means, do you have to live as “Wantrepreneur” for your rest of life or keep waiting for “one fine day”?

Here is the answer. You can become Part-Time Entrepreneur while keeping your fulltime job.

In this course you will learn –


  • How to generate and validate ideas
  • How to minimize the risk
  • How to start with less money and time
  • Learn to use WordPress for a Jumpstart your site
  • How to leverage technology
  • How to use world of resources
  • How to market your online business

Don’t wait for that one fine day, take action today!

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