Veena Malik Gets Hurt In Thailand – PhotoShoot

Recently, Veena Malik got injured in Thailand while shooting for the movie Silk Sakkath Hot Maga. Her toe nail got torn and started bleeding. Immediately, the doctor was called (who was present on the set already). The filming got postponed for some hours and the crew asked Veena to take some rest. It wasn’t a new thing for Veena as she said:

“Being injured is not a new thing for me but this one was little bit tough for me because the song needs a romantic feeling and getting injured while filming the song it was really painful and difficult. Thailand is a very beautiful place I love it.”

This shows that Veena wants to leave no stone unturned as she is making sure that the movie turns out to be a hit on the box office. Apart from this movie, Veena is also working on other projects which include Supermodel, The City That Never Sleeps, and Pakistani movie Dil Ne Dil Ko Pukara.

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