Visakha Express Full Movie

Movie: Visakha Express

Cast: Allari Naresh, Rajeev Kanakala and Preeti Jingiani

Music :Rajiv Kurakula
The story is about the conflict between two protagonists, Allari Naresh and Rajiv Kanakala. Kanakala is a young doctor who lives with his father Kota Sreenivasa Rao. Kota is an alcoholic and he creates nuisance every day and this puts Rajiv in an embarrassing position. But he loves his father a lot.

One day, his father is admitted in a hospital following an accident and he dies shortly thereafter. Rajiv learns that his father has not died of injuries but due to wrong medication.

Who did it and why. Enter Allari Naresh, a young married guy, who is also a cold-blooded murderer. The psychopathic Naresh tells Rajiv that it is he who has killed his father as per the agreement made in the train. Naresh now wants Rajiv to keep his side of promise and kill Naresh’s wife Preethi Jingiani.

What is the agreement and why Naresh forces Rajiv to kill his wife? What is it that forces Rajiv Kanakala to agree to kill Preethi Jingiani? These are the suspense elements and must be watched on the screen…………..

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