Yamaleela 2 Movie Review -Disappointing Sequel

Veteran director SV Krishna Reddy is back with Yamaleela 2 after a brief hiatus. Mohan Babu played the role of Yama in this film and KV Satish made debut as an actor.

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A medical student Krish (Satish) was searching for a medice to cure a dangerous disesase called Leukemia. In same time Chitragupta losts the Bhavishyavani book in Himalayas. Krish wants some Sanjeevani Seeds for his treatment so he goes to Manasa Sarovaram in the Himalayas to find seeds their soon after reaching the place he finds the Bavishyavani book and after reading the book he escapes form their without giving the book to Chitragupta and Yama.

Rest of the story deals with what was written in that book about Krish’s life and why he is searching the medicine to cure Leukemia.


People expect Yamaleela 2 to be as good as its predecessor. But unfortunately it isn’t half good as the original. Krishna Reddy was at his best when he made Yamaleela and this sequel is clear indication of his poor form. He couldn’t get anything right about the script. Despite having all the commercial elements in the movie, nothing appeals or stands out.

Even Mohan Babu’s dynamic screen presence couldn’t help this film. Krishna Reddy made conscious efforts to please the audience with comedy. All the scenes are poorly written that they failed to get the expected result. Sentiment scenes too didn’t work out due to flat narration. Characters aren’t developed enough to sympathize with them.

If you are expecting something close to Yamaleela, this will let down big time on every front. This film is made on high budget compared to the original and that is not going to be a plus point for it at the box office. Yamaleela 2 is low on entertainment and the narration is stuck in eighties. It will have to rely on the brand value of the original and certainly needs some Godly ‘Leela’ to stay afloat and swim across to a safe zone.

Verdict: Disappointing Sequel 

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